Flourish in Work and Life

Lorraine understands the issues faced by healthcare professionals delivering care in a rapidly changing culture, and draws on over 10 years' experience managing multi professional teams to empower you to find career development opportunities that align with your values, aspirations and commitments.

With No Obligation

Supervision and Mentoring

An organisation will benefit from having good clinical governance in place and supervision is one way of both making sure that practice is safe and complying with best practice.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching for individuals and organisations to support career progression, promote wellbeing, encourage reflection within roles and a balanced life.

Independent Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy can help you overcome physical or mental health issues to regain your independence, and meaningful routines and activities, living life to the full.

An Introduction

The Aspire in Mind Coaching programme is for you if you:

Are Searching For Fulfilment

You would like to feel more fulfilled in your work

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Are Struggling With Your Health

Your job is impacting on your own wellbeing - and not in a good way!

Need A Better Balance

You'd appreciate some space to reflect on the balance of your work and life, and how you could progress in a way that suits you

Are Evaluating Career Options

You have transferrable skills, personal qualities and values that can unlock career options that make life work well.

Want to Try Something Different

You wonder if you could use your qualifications and experience outside of traditional healthcare sectors.

Looking To Reach Your Potential

Coaching with Lorraine facilitates the process, and releases you to fulfil your potential.

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